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“I got hurt in a car wreck. When my car wreck lawyer and I kept getting put off and given the run around, my lawyer called Kyle and he went to work on the insurance company. I got paid on my car wreck case and Kyle was able to settle my case against the insurer in less than a year for a significant amount. Because of what Kyle did on the insurance case, my wife and I were able to buy our first home. I really appreciate what Kyle was able to do for my family.” – TC


“I got hurt at a restaurant when tripped over a parking stop and hit my head. Kyle was able to settle my injury case before trial for a considerable amount of money. Because the insurance company for the restaurant drug its feet resolving my injury claim, Kyle was able to get them to pay even more making me wait than they paid for my injury. Since then, if I ever need anything, Kyle is who I call.” – JM


“We lost everything we had to a house fire and had to live in a garage for years. Several lawyers passed on our case. Kyle was able to resolve our case against the insurance company and because of what he did, we were able replace our home.”- JP&CP


“My son and I got hurt in a car accident. The insurance company took too long to pay our claim. We hired Kyle to help make the insurer pay our claim. Kyle was able to get us significantly more money for waiting on the money we eventually got paid. I really appreciate what Kyle was able to do for our family.” – MW


“I was hurt in a crash and the other driver blamed me for causing it. Kyle hired experts and spent his time and money to show how the crash actually happened and how it was not my fault. If he had not gone the extra mile, I might not have gotten the money I was owed.” -BA