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Paintsville & Ashland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

As our loved ones age, they need loving care – often around the clock. Nursing homes are supposed to be a place where we can depend on our loved ones’ caregivers. When someone has violated their duty to care for your elderly loved one, consider bringing forth a nursing home abuse law suit. Elder abuse can be considered both a criminal and civil charge. You can claim damages and receive compensation for the care of your loved one, and in many cases, you can file criminal charges if the caregiver was grossly negligent. 

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

There are many acts that could be considered elder abuse in Kentucky. Abuse can be labeled physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. Each of the following acts is strictly considered abuse in Kentucky and warrants a lawsuit:

  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse is the most detectable type of elder abuse, often because the signs and symptoms are easy to spot. Many times, elderly loved ones will have unexplained bruises, sprains, scars, or even broken bones, with no slip & fall reported. Another sign of abuse is if the caregiver does not allow you to be alone with your loved one, or if there are multiple reports of noncompliance with medication.
  • Emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can be harder to see, but there are still signs that something is happening. Any intentional act which causes anxiety, fear, depression, or other negative effects may be considered emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can also occur verbally and can even occur through a passive act. For example, if your loved one’s requests were continually neglected or ignored, this would be considered emotional abuse.
  • Financial abuse. Financial abuse, or financial exploitation, is when your loved one’s funds are used in a fraudulent manner, such as when a credit card or bank account is over drafted. Unfortunately, elderly people in nursing homes are particularly susceptible to financial exploitation. Often, they have to rely on others to take care of their financial affairs, and the wrong person can easily take advantage. Healthcare fraud and scams can also be considered financial abuse.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not often talked about, but unfortunately it does occur. Sexual abuse can be physical or verbal, or both. Any forms of elderly abuse, whether sexual or otherwise, should be brought to local law enforcement and an experienced attorney immediately.

I Think My Loved One Is Being Abused – What Should I Do?

Elderly abuse occurs at an alarming frequency in this country. A three year study found nearly 1/3 of nursing homes had an abuse citation, and 10% of nursing home abuse cases had actually put an elderly person at risk for harm. If you suspect your loved one is being abused:

  • Get a record of his or her story. Speak with other people in the nursing home and get their stories, as well. Gather any medical records, photos, and other evidence of the abuse.
  • Speak with local law enforcement, like the police and district attorney. Inform them of the abuse the moment you learn about it. They will direct you where to file a complaint, either to Social Services or Adult Protective Services.
  • Hire a Kentucky personal injury attorney, like the attorneys at Salyer Law Office. A personal injury attorney will bring your case before the court and will get you compensation for any and all damages your loved one sustained. You can get reparation to pay your loved ones’ medical bills, pain and suffering, and any money that may have been stolen from him or her.

Give a voice to those who often cannot speak for themselves. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through this difficult process.