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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer Serving Paintsville & Ashland

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) usually occurs after a person sustains trauma to a particular limb. It is a condition in which the victim suffers chronic pain, even after the injury is considered healed. CRPS is thought to occur because of damage to either the peripheral or central nervous system. That is why after the injury is healed, the permanently damaged nerves still communicate pain signals to the brain. In some cases, CRPS is caused from a previous injury that was not treated correctly or because of a surgery that damaged the nerve endings.

How Do I Get Financial Help for CRPS?

CRPS causes severe pain and can sometimes lead to the loss of use of the affected limb. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get Social Security Disability benefits for CRPS. That is where an attorney can help. Diagnosing CRPS is a complex and often difficult process. Aside from your complaints of pain, you must prove the pain is a direct result of a medical condition. Symptoms that indicate CRPS include:

  • Swelling
  • A change in skin color or texture of the affected limb
  • A change in temperature of the affected limb
  • Excess hair or nail growth; excessive sweating
  • Occasional twitching or other involuntary movements of the affected limb

These types of symptoms will need to be documented by a professional. Your doctor should keep track of all changes with your CRPS to prove that you do, in fact, have a very real medical condition. 

Could My CRPS Be Someone Else’s Fault?

Essentially, there are two types of CRPS. They are defined as follows:

  • Type 1 develops without a direct injury to the nerve. Often times, Type 1CRPS occurs after a car accident or other trauma. The nerves appear to be functioning normally, even though signs of CRPS are evident.
  • Type 2, also called causalgia, is a result of direct nerve damage. This can occur if a doctor damages your nerves during a surgery or when there is a trauma that damages the nerves. The damaged nerve “misfires,” which causes chronic pain. This type is easier to diagnose as there is observable damage.

A personal injury attorney will examine your medical history and current medical records to determine if your CRPS is a result of past negligence. For example, if a doctor was performing a surgery that resulted in nerve damage, he or she may be considered negligence. If you were injured in car accident that was not your fault, the other driver may be held liable for your medical bills. Only an experienced attorney will be able to determine if your case is eligible for a personal injury claim. 

How Do I Prove My CRPS Is Affecting My Life?

In addition to proving the CRPS is actually a real medical condition, you will also have to show why it has kept you from working or enjoying daily life. Social Security benefits will help pay for your cost of living with CRPS, but only if it truly affects your ability to work. An attorney experienced in these kinds of claims will help you obtain the necessary documentation to prove this. To diagnose and demonstrate the effects of your CRPS, you will most likely be required to undergo physical exams, blood tests, and other tests. 

Contact Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers for Help

The attorneys at Salyer Law Office can help you get compensation for your CRPS claim. If your CRPS is due to a previously sustained injury that was not cared for properly, you could be entitled to additional compensation. You will need to prove that the doctor who treated you acted in a negligent way, which led to your CRPS.

Contact us today to see how we can get you help managing your CRPS and your past and ongoing medical treatment.