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Ashland & Paintsville Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are one of the most traumatic types of injuries a person can suffer. Even a first degree burn can be incredibly painful. Second and third degree burns can involve weeks or months of painful treatment before physical recovery occurs. In many cases, smoke inhalation causes further harm.

In addition to the immediate physical trauma, most burns do not heal cleanly. People who experience severe burns will carry the physical evidence for the rest of their lives. The mental trauma that results from a burn injury can be just as bad. Most burn victims require the assistance of a mental health professional before they can complete their recovery.

The most tragic part about burn injuries is that so many of them are preventable. Many cases can be traced to negligence. From house fires caused by faulty wiring to accidental scalding, appropriate action could have stopped many of these tragedies.

Burn Injury Sources

A large part of preventing burn injuries is learning to recognize situations where they are likely to occur. Common sources include:

  • Heat/Fire: These are the most common cause of burn injuries and may result from gas stove burners, candles, or burning cigarettes.
  • Hot Liquids: Causing most burns in young children, scalding is the result of contact with hot liquids.
  • Hot solids: If any item is hot enough, serious damage can result – even from brief contact.
  • UVA/Radiation: This includes sunburn and misuse of tanning beds.
  • Chemicals: Strong acids or bases (like lye) or gasoline are the most common sources of chemical burns.
  • Electrical: Although the danger of electrical burns is severe, a fire that starts in the walls of a house or because of unattended electronics can be dire.
  • Automobile accidents: If you are involved in a serious car accident or truck accident, flames from burning equipment can cause severe burns

Children lack the experience to recognize many sources of injury. It is particularly important to teach them basic fire safety. Some of the worst burns can come from seemingly safe sources, such as gas fireplaces or bathwater. Children need to understand that hot objects are dangerous and that they should never play with fire.

40% of burn related fatalities in children under five are caused by children playing with fire, and 110 deaths are caused annually by these activities. Parents are usually held responsible for any damages that result from a child’s misuse of fire.

What to Do

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn related injury, recovery is your first responsibility. Unfortunately, burns require a lot of specialized medical care. If these injuries were caused by the actions (or inaction) of others, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

Actions do not always involve an intent to harm. The best examples are children playing with fire or someone without training setting off fireworks. These are simply carried out without consideration for the possibly disastrous consequences. Inaction can be the result of someone who is not even in the immediate environment. For example, something as basic as the absence of a smoke detector or improper wiring can result in severe injuries. These events are damaging, and they can come as a complete surprise.

If you live in eastern Kentucky and have experienced a burn injury either to yourself or a loved one, you should not have to suffer financial hardship in addition to physical and emotional pain. The personal injury lawyers at Salyer Law will help you identify the responsible party and seek a financial settlement. We will consult with medical and fire authorities to understand the causes of your injury in addition to establishing responsibility and contacting other professionals to determine negligence. If you are unable to come to our office, we will visit you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.