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Resources to Battle Large Corporations

The size or clout of the corporations we pursue is never a deterrent to our pursuit for justice.


You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

We advance all costs necessary to prepare your case, and we are reimbursed these costs from your portion of the recovery only if we recover money for you.


Other Law Firms

Half of our cases are brought to us by lawyers looking for help on their cases.


Protecting Kentucky

We have relationships with defense lawyers that help us get the most out of a case.


Salyer Law
Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

Salyer Law Office, PLLC, specializes in cases of personal injury and insurance bad faith in eastern Kentucky. Any type of injury can have severe consequences, from medical bills to loss of income. Often, you need help understanding what type of settlement you are entitled to under the law.

With nine years of working in eastern Kentucky, Salyer Law Office, PLLC, can apply expertise to all types of personal injury and insurance cases. We understand the effects an injury can have on your life and will work to minimize the problems. Whether you require compensation from the other party in an accident or need help getting a fair settlement from an insurance company, we will help you achieve the best outcome.

Every accident involves a unique set of people and circumstances. At Salyer Law, we are familiar with the numerous forms personal injury cases can take. Whether the injury affects you or a loved one, we will get you the settlement you deserve. We will account for all the factors leading to your need for a settlement.

Personal Injury Cases

If you are hospitalized or homebound due to your injuries, we can arrange for a visit as soon as you need us. The quicker we understand the details, the sooner we can address your concerns and allow you to recover without worrying about the bills.

Case Procedures

Once we take your case, Salyer Law will pursue it as far as necessary to get you the appropriate settlement. We treat all cases as though they were going to trial from the beginning, including investigation, securing documents and evidence, talking to witnesses, and consulting other experts. This preparation ensures that fewer cases need to go to court.

Between maintaining good relationships with area defense lawyers and our attention to discovering the details, many of our cases can be settled outside of court. This saves you time and money that is better spent recovering from your injuries. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients, and the number of successfully resolved cases is still growing.

Award-Winning Attorney

Kyle was named "Top 10 Attorney" by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys

The NAOPIA awards the best Personal Injury attorneys in each state with our most prestigious honor of being named "TOP 10". The very few attorneys (less than 1%) that are good enough to make our list have demonstrated an extraordinary amount of knowledge, skill, experience, expertise and success in their practice of Personal Injury.

Kyle also received membership into The National Trial Lawyers Association. Top 40 under 40 is by invitation only and is extended exclusively to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership as a young lawyer under the age of 40.

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FAQS About Contingency Fees

  • Q. How are you paid for your services?

    We perform legal services on a "contingent fee" basis. Our legal fees are a percentage of the gross amount recovered by settlement or verdict, before deducting case preparation expenses.

  • Q. How much is the percentage?

    The percentage varies depending upon case complexity.

  • Q. What are case preparation costs?

    Typical case preparation costs include filing fees, deposition fees, expert witness consultation fees, travel costs, and fees associated with the preparation of trial exhibits.

  • Q. Do I pay anything upfront?

    No. We advance all costs necessary to prepare your case, and we are reimbursed these costs from your portion of the recovery only if we recover money for you.

  • Q. What if we don't recover any money?

    In the end, if we do not recover money for you, we do not receive a fee and you owe us nothing for costs.

What Our Clients Say

Eastern Kentucky attorney
At Salyer Law, we seek to give the people of eastern Kentucky peace of mind, one case at a time.

Insurance Bad Faith Cases

Insurance laws vary widely from state to state, and even experienced lawyers may not understand all the nuances. Sadly, not all insurance companies and agents act in good faith. If you feel that a client’s insurance company is negotiating in bad faith, do not hesitate to contact Salyer Law.

Insurance bad faith is not limited to simple denial of coverage. If a company, or their representative, delays reasonable settlement, you have a case for insurance bad faith. You also need to understand what documents the issuing company is expected to supply your client. Even submitting payment or rejections without explanation is a form of bad faith.

Contacting Us

Attorneys from outside your area can’t deliver the in-depth knowledge of local law and the legal practitioners that often prove key to personal injury cases. If you need a personal injury lawyer in eastern Kentucky, contact Salyer Law Offices, PLLC. Our number is 1-855-789-1135. Salyer Law offers free initial consultations to ensure our clients receive the help they need. We seek to give the people of eastern Kentucky peace of mind, one case at a time.

To avoid further punitive measures, insurance companies are required to offer reasonable settlements to avoid sending the case to court. When you contact Salyer Law, we will put our knowledge of insurance law at your disposal. If the company is indeed acting in bad faith, we will help you understand how to negotiate with them and make every effort to get your client an appropriate settlement.